Sitoa was built to help our partners take advantage of fast-moving market opportunities

About Us

Founded in 2001 with the goal to make it easier for retailers and product suppliers to sell online, the Sitoa solution was based on providing an easy-to-use and comprehensive platform to expand product offerings and take advantage of fast-moving market opportunities. Starting with one online retail partner – – and a single product partner – Northgate Computers, Inc. – the Sitoa Network grew to include many of the world’s top online retailers and over 1000 name brand and boutique product partners.

With the evolution of the Sitoa MarketPlace Platform, Sitoa has again changed the way online commerce works, helping retailer hosts and product sellers dramatically shorten time-to-market, create new drop-ship efficiencies and drive sales growth. Our technology base offers a single, unified source for product information, orders and logistics. And, our expert support teams work to help our host retailers expand their markets and develop successful partnerships that will create velocity in our partner’s online channels.

Our mission is to create strategic power channels for our MarketPlace partners, with a unique Platform solution that creates a disproportional selling advantage. Let us show you how to change the game and come out far ahead of the competition.

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