The Sitoa MarketPlace Platform makes it easy to expand and enhance your selling reach

Flattening the Barriers to Global Commerce

What do you get when you combine top retailers with name brand and boutique sellers and tie them together with a powerful technology platform? The answer is the Sitoa MarketPlace Solution. Sitoa’s unique MarketPlace platform is changing the way businesses work in the ecommerce environment and creating a disproportional selling advantage for our Sitoa MarketPlace partners.

Enhance and Expand Your Reach
The MarketPlace Platform makes it easy for retailers to create a marketplace within a new or existing site, expanding brands, products and categories. Retailers can hand-select the sellers that match the demographics and desires of their customer base. Then, swiftly complete the on-boarding process and begin selling. The MarketPlace shortens time-to-market, making it easy to respond quickly to market trends and driving sales velocity.

Powerful Technology Platform
Our robust technology base offers a single, unified source for product information, images, marketing messages, order fulfillment and logistics, allowing host partners to rapidly launch new categories and thousands of SKU’s with confidence. And our powerful transaction engine tracks transactions from cradle-to-grave to ensure the highest level of service.

Expert Support
Our Business Development team is available to help host retailers find the sellers who match their requirements. We can do everything from creating initial contact lists through contract negotiations and seller on-boarding. We help our host partners fill strategic gaps in their mix by making it easy to add the right sellers to their marketplace. Our Logistics team can help with seller compliance and keep product flowing smoothly.

Game-Changing Platform
With a new take on bringing products to market, Sitoa is creating a disproportionate selling advantage for our MarketPlace partners and flattening the barriers to global commerce. The Sitoa MarketPlace Platform makes it easy to expand and enhance your selling reach, helping to drive sales and create rapid growth in your online channels.

Where Do You Fit Into the Marketplace?